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Term 1



Taptej, 3P

Oliver, 3P

Maisie, 3N

Harrison, 3N

Connor, 3C

Jacob, 3C

Asvika, 3C

Adam, 3C

Louise, 3P

Lily, 3P

Arush, 3W

Inaya, 3W

Matthias, 3N

Georgina, 3N

Caitlin, 3N

Isabella, 3N

Bradley, 3C

Bronwynn, 3C

Victorija, 3W

Libby, 3W

Rachel, 3C

Ewan, 3C

Mayo, 3P

Mauyon, 3P

Jamie, 3N

Ruby, 3N

Macie-Anna, 3N

Taiwo, 3N

Aaron, 3P

Chloe, 3P

Isla, 3W

Nihal, 3W

Kieran, 3N

Macie-Anna, 3N

Rishani, 3P

Riley, 3P

Joshua, 3C

Madelaine, 3C

Liam, 3C

Miley, 3C

For trying very hard and focussing in class

For working well in English

For fantastic spellings results

For working really hard to learn spellings

For focussing really well in Maths test

For trying really hard in Maths test

For trying hard in Maths and for being a great class helper

For trying hard in showing good behaviour

For trying with her work and for lining up well

For excellent effort in all her work

For excellent effort in Maths

For excellent effort in English

For excellent recall of number facts and speed of response

For excellent number facts and speed of response in Maths

For always trying hard in Maths

For her efforts in Maths lessons

For always being well-behaved and hardworking

For always trying hard and for her acting skills

For her efforts in Maths lessons

For trying hard in Maths

For always working hard and trying her best

For working hard to catch up and for helping others

For working hard and trying, even when the work is hard

For persevering with challenging work

For setting a good example

For being an excellent role model

For being brave and for asking for help when needed

For determination to have an good start to the year

For being supportive to others, even though he was nervous

For working hard from 'Day 1' on all her work

For taking advice on board and working hard in class

For settling in well to Year 3

For his excellent contributions in class

For making excellent contributions to class work

For efforts in Maths, particularly with 'rounding numbers'

For focusing and for trying his best in lessons

For excellent behaviour and trying hard

For trying hard with challenging work and for good behaviour

For settling in really well and for helpfulness

For being a helpful member of class and for settling well





Sukhpreet, 4C

Marcus, 4C

Jellica, 4C

Tommy, 4P

India, 4P

Jack, 4W

Brooke, 4W

Daniel, 4N

Jack, 4N

Ilian, 4P

Harry, 4P

Lenny, 4N

Amy, 4N

Jack, 4C

Abigail, 4C

Paige, 4W

William, 4W

Scarlet, 4N

Katie, 4N

Tia-Li, 4N

Tia, 4P

Matthew, 4P

Charlie, 4C

Isabelle, 4C

Khhushhali, 4C

Lewis, 4C

Holly, 4W

Giles, 4W

Tom, 4P

Flynn, 4P

Jakob, 4P

Ruby, 4N

Katie, 4N

Taylarae, 4N

For always doing extra work to learn her spellings

For putting in extra effort with spellings homework

For her stunning and amazing Egyptian story

For his mature behaviour in soring out a dispute

For working hard with her homework

Fantastic effort with reading at home

Working hard in all subjects and a positive attitude to learning

For his effort and enthusiasm put into his project

For his honesty and for seeking more interesting vocabulary

For excellent contribution in English

For excellent contribution in English

For positive attitude to Maths learning

For positive attitude to Maths learning

For being such a good sport and seeing the funny side of events

For an great opening paragraph with good detail and vocabulary

For being a model student, always trying her best

For being an excellent role model for Year 4

For working hard and helpfulness

For excellent effort and hard work

For making extra effort and contributions to class work

For her great behaviour and always being helpful

For being an excellent role model and for his helpfulness

For always choosing the right behaviour and for trying his best

For being a good role model and trying hard in class

For excellent homework presentation on Ancient Egypt

For setting a fantastic example of how to behave in class

For listening well to instructions and always following the rules

For helping his fellow classmates

For his great attitude and trying hard

For settling in so well and excellent effort

For his great attitude to Maths

For always 'having a go' and being an active learner

For always doing the right thing and for giving 100%

For her excellent effort in Computing



Michael, 5N

Summer, 5N

Samantha, 5W

Jamie, 5W

Ryland, 5P

Sam, 5P

For his great effort and involvement in class work

For her helpfulness and kindness to others

For good effort and always asking for help if needed

For showing good understanding and maturity

For his fantastic attitude in Maths and resilience

For working hard and being very helpful to others






Aimee, 6P

Arthur, 6P

Charlize, 6C

Ella, 6C

Bailey, 6N

Ruby, 6N

Oliver, 6W

Max, 6W

For her kindness and positive language

For his perseverance in Maths

For her excellent effort and determination in Maths

For her kindness and fantastic behaviour

For arriving early to display the daily timetable

For being patient and helpful to others

For being trustworthy and responsible

For setting a responsible example to others