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Term 4


Liam, 3C For improved Maths Scores at the end of last term
Miley, 3C For improved Maths Scores at the end of last term
Shannon, 3N For trying fruit that was new to them during our Fruit Smoothie lessons
Jamie, 3N
Raam, 3P For excellent design and presentation in his books
Sophie, 3P For trying so hard in Maths and learning time
Matthias, 3N For turning around behaviour and getting on with his work
Anisa, 3N For being an 'Always' child - always behaving well and trying her best, always being helpful and being a good friend
Josh T, 3C For improving behaviour and showing a want to learn
Rachel, 3C For neater work and listening in class more
Cameron, 3W For trying hard to make the right choices
Grace, 3W For doing extra work at home
Rishi, 3P For being well behaved and very helpful
Louise, 3P For making improvements in her reading
Logan, 3N For excellent 'over-arm' throwing in sports
Lauren, 3N
Taylan, 3C For his good ideas in class
Joshua L, 3C For being very helpful in class
Lilly, 3P For being helpful and always doing the right thing
Max B, 3P For excellent teamwork and technique in PE
Mayo, 3P For trying really hard in his Maths work
Lucas, 3P For his questions and hard work in Maths and English
Harry, 3P For being very well behaved and very supportive
Amber, 3N For always making good choices, listening and trying her best
Roma, 3N For tackling all tasks with enthusiasm
Jacob, 3C For great independent work on fractions this week
Harry, 3C For being well behaved and hard-working
Riley, 3W For trying hard in Maths
Patience, 3W For making good choices

Adam, 3C

Tiffany, 3C

For excellent pieces of writing in Literacy
Tillie-Mae, 3N For complete her mask and then helping others
Keiki, 3N For always being so helpful
Lucas, 3P For being very helpful, for good behaviour and work in class
Daniel, 3P For helpful behaviour and for good handwriting
Riley, 3C For great improvement in his reading test
Nieve, 3C For great test results, particularly her reading tests
Chloe & Chloe, 3P Both of them! For their excellent reading tests
Flynn, 3N For excellent effort and progress in tests
Ruby, 3N For always trying hard and trying her best
Cameron, 3W For good effort in her reading tests
Patience, 3W For her good effort in her spellings