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Term 5

Layla, 3C For trying really hard with drawing shapes
Connor, 3C
Rhys, 3W For improved presentation of work and behaviour for learning
Aston, 3W
Tilly, 3N For exhibiting an exceptional attitude to learning and work
Anisa, 3N
Luke, 3P For good leadership skills without being forceful
Parneet, 3P For settling down in class and focussing on his work
Kaitlin, 3C For always being sensible and well behaved and being neat and tidy in her work
Josh,  3C For being brave in swimming lessons and overcoming his nerves
Caitlin, 3N For always being exceptionally well behaved, especially on our class visit to Leeds Castle
Tyler, 3N For being a credit to the school on the Leeds Castle visit and for settling down and participating well over recent weeks
Shannon, 3N For always trying her very best in all subjects and for being a credit to 3N on our Leeds Castle trip
Maiya, 3P For asking lots of questions, showing an inquisitive mind
Louise, 3P For standing up and speaking in the recent workshop, showing courage
Jas, 3W For excellent behaviour
Kara, 3W For good behaviour and outstanding effort in writing
Phoebe, 3P For being helpful
Najila, 3P For working really hard on her writing
Macie-Anna, 3N For a huge change in attitude to learning and therefore making accelerated progress
Tilly, 3N For having a consistently good attitude to learning
Aimee, 3W For trying and working really hard in Maths
Cameron, 3W Taking pride in his work and improving presentation
Harry, 3C For getting changed quickly and being organised at swimming
Ava, 3C For working hard and making a great contribution to class discussions
Joslyn, 3W For improved confidence in Maths
Sophie, 3W For improved confidence in Maths and for asking great questions

Tiffany, 3C

Bradley, 3C

Both of them for their lovely presentation in all the work they do
Max, 3P For making the right choices
Tilly, 3P For her detail within her writing
Tilli-Mae, 3N

For always doing the right thing and working to her best ability - she is a credit to teach

Jamie, 3N For hard work, excellent behaviour, helpfulness and being a sheer delight to have in class