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What do we do?



We are a new committee of parents, aiming to continue the previous association's hard work to raise funds for the school. 


Perhaps you might be familiar with some of us?  Take a look at who we are and please approach us as we want to hear from you.





The Christmas Fair recently raised over £700 but we also organise various other events throughout the year, including discos and children's parties, but we are always looking for new ideas on how to raise money for the school and want to hear from you.


Our current funding position is:




A number of major purchases have been made over the last year, such as fully funding cycle safety training for Year 6 pupils, school sports teams had new uniforms, each year group have been given £1,000 to spend on their class book corners and we also fund Christmas parties and presents for each child as well as the 100% attendance badges. 


However, we've got big ambitions to make an even greater impact on the children's experiences of school in the coming years - including long-term fund-raising for playground equipment. 


For example, we want to make sure that money that's already been raised (money that you've given through your support at fairs and events) doesn't just sit there but increases - so we are currently investigating moving the fund to a 'money matching' bank account where we can earn much more interest whilst it accumulates.   But perhaps you've got some ideas too about what the school and children need?  We want to hear from you and your children about what would make school life even better.


We know that by working together we can make a difference.  Over the last few years the Parents' Association, with your support, purchased the Trim-Trail equipment and Outdoor Classrooms - two large projects that all our children benefit from daily - so we know that together we can make a difference.


What are you waiting for?  Come and join us!