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Switched Off Fortnight


Riverview Junior School will be taking part in Switched Off Fortnight - Friday 24th November to Friday 8th December - when we will all be raising awareness of energy consumption, reducing waste and all taking responsibility to monitor our energy use.


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Welcome to Riverview Junior's Eco Page



The values and aims of an Eco school are exactly those that you would choose to include in the education of a young person growing up in a delicate world that is increasing in need of our protection and care.


Take a look at the Ecoschool’s website to find out more about the programme  http://www.eco-schools.org.uk/






The then Prime Minister, Theresa May, raised a Green Flag at a Maidenhead school and learned about the world’s largest schools programme.  Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: ‘Eco-Schools is a fun way for children to learn about the environment. We are thrilled to have the Prime Minister’s endorsement and we urge her to take further steps to ensure that environmental education becomes a central part of young people’s education.’

Riverview Junior school has historically been an environmentally responsible school. The way forward is to set up routines and systems that draw on this responsibility and give the children a clear understanding of actions and tasks that they can do to have a direct beneficial effect on our environment.


This outline shows how Eco schools works:


The Eco-Schools framework consists of seven elements

1. Eco-Committee
2. Environmental Review
3. Action Plan
4. Involving the whole school and wider community
5. Linking to the curriculum
6. Monitoring and evaluation
7. Eco-Code

The framework supports schools working on different environmental and sustainable topics. There are nine topics that you can choose to work on. Please note that energy is now a compulsory topic.


Nine topics

2. Water
3. Biodiversity
4. School grounds
5. Healthy living
6. Transport
7. Litter
8. Waste
9. Global citizenship


  • We plan is to reduce waste. This can be done in a number of ways:
  • Reduce – create a consciousness as to ‘can we arrive at the same outcome by using less resources?’
  • Reuse – using our imaginations we can be thrifty and resourceful.
  • Recycle – have a clear and recognisable system that everyone can depend on to support maximum recycling of resources.
  • We plan to have clear and recognisable recycling routines at Riverview Juniors so that the children and staff develop good habits that support a sustainable lifestyle.
  • We will be running campaigns and entering competitions. Please contact Mrs Lynn Lewis if you have any ideas or can offer any support.  Take a look at some related websites in the link below for inspiration.





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