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Fencing Taster Day - October 2016


As you can see our pupils really enjoyed their fencing session, they learnt all about the correct positioning in fencing as well using all the equipment. Even the staff wanted to have a go!


"At school we did an awesome sport called fencing. we learnt how to lunge (attack from far away) and that you don't move sideways. We were also taught how to advance, retreat and the sword is called a foil."   Emre 6C


"Today I did fencing and it was great! I learnt that you should go for the chest and the sword is actually called a foil. It felt like I was battling a dragon, it was the best!"   Sameko 4P


"Today I did fencing and it was the best. I loved it when I got to wear the helmet! I learnt the position on guard."   Taptej 3P


"I really enjoyed fencing, I learnt how to stand when fencing and how to advance. I also learnt that the sword is called a foil."   Zak 5W