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Year 3





Firstly, let's introduce ourselves.


3C  Class Teacher:       Mrs R Dusanjh

                            (Assistant Head & Year 3 Head)

         Class TA:                  Mrs D Wells


3N  Class Teacher:      Mrs S Fitzpatrick/ Mrs G Miller

          Class TA:                 Mrs T Timms


3P  Class Teacher:        Ms T Banks

          Class TA:                  Mrs T Salih


3W  Class Teacher:       Mrs A Raina

          Class TA:                  Ms Y Jadoo


Image result for PE kit in school clipart

Please note Year 3 have Games on Tuesday afternoons and PE on Monday afternoons but kits should be in school all week, as we might do extra activities and we don't want to miss out.



Please do explore the pages below for more information about the topics we are working on and our year group's activities, as well as homework resources and letters home.