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Year 4




Firstly, let's introduce ourselves.


4C  Class Teacher:          Mrs L Young / Miss S Newman

      PPA Teacher (Weds am):  Mrs H Bellars

          Class TA:                      Mrs F Joyce

          Midday Supervisor:      Mrs S Blanchard


4N  Class Teacher:         Miss S Ward (Year 4 Head)

       PPA Teacher (Weds am):

           Class TA:                     Mrs D Satchell

           Midday Supervisor:      Mrs J Rolls


4P  Class Teacher:          Mrs N Karademir / Mrs V Reid

      PPA Teacher (Weds am):  Mrs L Lewis

           Class TA:                     Mrs J Camp

           Midday Supervisor:     Mrs S Harvey


4W  Class Teacher:         Mrs T Smith

       PPA Teacher (Weds am): 

            Class TA:                    Mrs L Parrott

            Midday Supervisor:   




Please do explore the pages below for more information about the topics we are working on and our year group's activities, as well as homework resources and letters home.