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Art Progression Map


At Riverview Junior School, creative development is a vital part of our learning journey. We believe that all children should be encouraged to explore and engage in all aspects of the curriculum, including the arts.


This year will see brand new skills and techniques introduced to enhance our creative curriculum and engage children in art and design. From sketches to sculptures; collage to batik and so much more, children will experience a wealth of medias and develop skills in a safe and stimulating environment. Skills already vary from clay sculptures of Greek Pillars in Year 5, to Year 4 using Mod Roc to create Egyptian death masks and it will only continue to develop.


As the learning journey develops, progression in art will focus on deepening understanding and refining techniques and skills. Children will be actively encouraged to explore various artists and artistic styles, evaluating their work to develop their critical thinking and celebrated in their successes and development of artistic techniques.


Riverview Junior School aims to provide a safe and familiar environment where children are willing to take on new challenges and try new techniques. With regards to Art, we see mistakes as positives and an opportunity to reflect and deepen our skill.


Also, this year we hope to introduce a film and media project to promote Art and how it can work alongside English to build essential skills and provide an engaging and enjoyable activity for children.