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School Day


It is important that children arrive at school punctually.  Lessons begin promptly and children can miss vital information if they are late. 


Any latecomers must always report to the school office so that their attendance can be registered.


The school day starts at 8.50am and children should arrive at 8.40am, to be able to get themselves ready for the school day.  


We operate a 'split timetable', so we can stagger the number of children on the playground at the same time - giving the children the freedom and space to enjoy their playtime.

The total number of hours in the week at school is 32.5 hours.


 Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
8.40amChildren should arrive at school
8.50amRegistration and start of school day




10amLower school morning break


10.30amUpper School morning break


12noonLower school lunchtime

 Upper school lunchtime





3.30pmChildren pack away their things and make their way to the gate


 = 'Learning Time'


Children should not arrive at school too early in the morning, as the playground is only supervised from 8.40am so it is unwise for children to arrive earlier.  It is essential that children use the correct paths and entrances.  While the Cimba Wood gate remains unlocked all day the Marling Way gate will be locked from 8.50am until 3.30pm and then again from 4.00pm.  Parents are not allowed to drive onto the school property without a special permit from the headteacher, as there is adequate parking on the estate.  Parking is prohibited in Cimba Wood.  Traffic wardens regularly patrol this area and there is a policy of instant fines. Parents are asked to use the pedestrian  entrance path to the school, via the Cimba Wood gate should they wish to attend a meeting or visit the school office.  Parents and non-school personnel are not allowed to use the Marling Way entrance and pathway into school.


We are very security conscious at the school, and the only entry point for visitors leads into the reception lobby at the main entrance. We request that parents remain in this area until one of our secretaries becomes free to attend to them. Access beyond this point is regulated by a security card.  All other entrances are security locked under the same system.