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Here at RJS we are promoting basic maths knowledge through the implementation of ‘Ninja Maths’ - a scheme designed to encourage children to learn their times tables and number bonds.


A secure knowledge of times tables is going to benefit your child throughout primary school and into secondary school as well. In fact, most of today’s jobs require some element of maths. Learning multiplication is an important foundation for learning different aspects of mathematics such as division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions. For students that do not have a solid grasp of the times tables, they may find these other areas hard to understand as well.


This is why we have decided to get children engaged with learning their times tables by introducing Ninja Maths. Children work their way through the scheme by rapidly recalling each of their times tables and, with increasing difficulty, number bonds. Each ‘Ninja Rank’ has a coloured wristband that children can earn the right to wear. There are 9 different coloured bands available but they can ONLY be awarded in order. Once a child has earnt all of the bands, they begin again with division and subtraction. Finally, they may have a chance to earn the ultimate ‘Master band’. Below is a list of the Ninja Band Colours and their relevant times table and number bonds for addition and multiplication.


2 x Number bonds to 10 White

10 x Number bonds to 9 & 11 Yellow

5 x Number bonds to 8 & 12 Orange

3 x Number bonds to 7 & 13 Green

4 x Number bonds to 6 & 14 Purple

9 x Number bonds to 5 & 15 Blue

6 x Number bonds to 16 and 18 Red

7 x Number bonds to 17 & 19 Brown

8 x Number bonds to 20 Black


In order for Ninja Maths to be a success, we ask that parents encourage their children to practise the Ninja Maths Sheet given for homework each week.


We hope that your child will enjoy learning their times tables and gaining their Ninja bands.


Are you a 'Master' yet?